Establishment of Asosiasi Digital Kreatif ADITIF


On June 15th, 2015, ADITIF finally declared its establishment by the end of the Lunch gathering aimed at the Foundational Declaration of Digital Creative Association (ADITIF – Asosiasi Digital Kreatif). Responding to the invitation from ADITIF Formateur Team, 70 attendants from digital creative companies and start-ups, government institutions, academics, and press gave their full support to the establishment of this association.


The host officially opened the event at 12.30, followed by the talk shows from the sponsors: Solusi247, MALIOME, and PT Gameloft Indonesia.


The first Talk Show – moderated by Evan Purnama (Qiscus) – presented the representative of Solusi247: Arief Dolants. Arief has 7 years experience of working as developer and system analyst. Before his current position as Site Coordinator of Solusi247 Yogyakarta, Arief has spent 5 years working at Solusi247 Jakarta, where the headquarter is located. In the beginning of the Talk Show, Arief shared some information about Solusi247 and its business’ scope. Regarding the establishment of ADITIF, he firmly stated that Solusi247 would gladly be a part of ADITIF, to actively involved in ADITIF’s events and agenda.


The second Talk Show was moderated by Pranowo Putro (Tonjoo). As a guest, Irwan Kartadipura (MALIOME Hackerspace) shared his experience of being a start-up. As stated at the Talk Show, ADITIF’s existence would offer a great help for the development of digital creative industry in Indonesia. Irwan spoke as the founder of MALIOME Hackerspace and also IndoCPA – the first affilliate network in Indonesia.


The final Talk Show presented Andrei Lascu, the Studio Manager of PT Gameloft Indonesia. Moderated by Anggit Tut Pinilih, this session revealed the big picture of PT Gameloft Indonesia and the reason of why Yogyakarta was chosen to build the studios in – which was mainly induced by the favorable recruiting ground. For Gameloft, the establishment of ADITIF was a realization of its hope. The support from government, universities, and communities toward digital creative business has been growing. That is why, the association uniting all digital creative entities is sorely needed to smoothen the communication between digital creative companies or start-ups and authorities.

To cover up the Talk Shows, a guest from Fenox shared some words about the great potential of digital creative business and the position of Fenox in this area of business. His statement strengthened ADITIF’s will to play its role in the development of digital creative business.


Heading to the main event, Saga Iqranegara led the audience to declare their commitment and involvement in Digital Creative Association (ADITIF – Asosiasi Digital Kreatif). By the end of the ceremonial, ADITIF was officially established, bringing together 34 digital creative companies and start-ups.


Asosiasi Digital Kreatif (ADITIF – Digital Creative Association) is an association of digital-based creative industries in Indonesia. The vision of ADITIF is to increase the competitive advantage of digital creative industry in Indonesia, with its initial focus in Yogyakarta. This association was initiated by the start-ups in Yogyakarta, which also acted as the Formateur Team of ADITIF: Saga Iqranegara from Loops, Indra Haryadi from Dojo-Box, Sony Rachmadi Purnomo from Run System, Budi Raharjo Santoso from TripCribs, Istofani Api Diany from Fitinline, Kenniko Okta Putra from Tech Grids, and Rizal Sipayung from Warung Rakyat.



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